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The white Mute Swans from this series were captured on my first roll of film as a college photography student in 1978. The assignment was simple; go out and shoot a roll of film for an open class review. The first thought that came to mind was to ask two coeds from an adjacent dorm to model for my first ever high-fashion photo shoot! Well, that quickly became a portrait session at a small lake within the city park across the street. Nearing the end of our session I suggested to my ‘models’ that we change the perspective and they traverse around the lake for the remaining eight exposures on my roll. It was then that these three beautiful ‘supermodels’ gracefully swam up.

I hope the girls enjoyed the exercise.

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Black Knight was photographed in Florida a couple of decades later. It was another ‘meant to be moment’ as this magnificent beauty presented itself. I knew on first sight that the stature and grace of this large waterbird would be a wonderful compliment to my series.

*My Swan was the first collectable print out of the large-format printer that I purchased in 2004 in preparation of my first exhibit in November of that same year. It was also the first edition I signed and numbered, which was my own personal tribute due to it coming from my first roll of film as a college student. It was from the beginning in more ways than one, and is now the most sought after edition within my extensive collection to date.

The late great Pop-Artist Robert Rauschenberg added a limited-edition to his private collection in 2006.

There is a story.

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