‘I don’t just take a picture, frame it, and call it art. Rather, I am inspired to capture a moment, and create an experience’.

My interests are diverse, yet I strive to always administer equal energy within. Hopefully translating and conveying on canvas, no matter the subject matter, the same excitement and inspiration I was experiencing as I captured it thru my lens. But the energy doesn’t stop there, for even within the finishing stages of my digital post-production I thrive to identify completely within each and every image I create, experiencing it over and over as I examine every detail, striving for the optimum, always insisting on presenting nothing less than the best of my ability. 

I live and breathe my creations. I am my own worst critic, and would never expect anyone to add anything less to their collection, or exhibit in their castle, than I would mine.

The term, ‘that’s good enough’, will never leave my lips.

Doug Heslep Fine Art