Scenes I've Seen

Throughout the years of carrying a camera, I have been blessed to experience many beautiful moments, with many of my favorite captures being shared below. These images are mostly from Florida to California, with a few points in between. There is also a Wildlife section…  click the link!


King's Canyon Sunset

Downtown Austin from Zilker Park, 7-4-2019

The Strip

Carlsbad Caverns Moon

Cap Rock Sunset

Lightning Blue

In the Stillness of Night

Lightning and the Cerulean Sky

Rainbow Bridge

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Hunington Beach Sunset

Simple Serenity

Sanibel Sunset

Swallowed by the Sea

Sunset Gold

The Green Rowboat

Reflections 1

Reflections 2

Seagrape Cluster

The Hoard

Under the Red Sun

The Manatee and the Dinosaur

Key West Sunset

Key West USA

Liquid Gold