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Yosemite National Park, the very birthplace of the national park movement, is where you can explore the magnificent ancient sequoia groves, majestic granite domes that dwarf even the iconic Empire State Building, and thunderous waterfalls that dot the landscape. Yosemite Valley itself stretches across nearly eight miles from east to west, with a  pristine wilderness as you venture into the Southeast, where the Sierra National Forest awaits, or delve into the Northwest, where the majestic Stanislaus National Forest beckons.

Yosemite has long been a place of inspiration for artists, climbers, and nature lovers, and remains one of California’s most popular places to visit. Beginning in the 1920’s, Ansel Adams’ stunning black & white photographs of Yosemite drew attention to the park’s breathtaking landscapes. Being I am a huge fan, this encouraged my decision to choose this breathtaking location for the first stop to document with my camera.

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