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Morro Rock is a State Historic Landmark, and stands as a testament to the raw beauty of nature. Formed millions of years ago, this volcanic plug rises proudly from the coastal chain known as the ‘Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo County.’ With its majestic presence overlooking Morro Bay, residents affectionately refer to the town as ‘3 Stacks, 1 Rock,’ a nod to the iconic smoke stacks that once graced the old neighboring power plant. Imposing and awe-inspiring, Morro Rock is on California’s Central Coast, standing 578 feet tall and commanding attention as it emerges from the Pacific Ocean.

Morro Rock is one location in particular that stands out for me because of how much of a pleasant surprise it was. From time to time, I made it became routine to visit a local diners, shops, and motel front desks during my travels. I would ask about special landmarks unique to their area so to add to my project. This is one time I did ask, and it was suggested to visit Morro Bay on the Pacific Coast Highway. The clerk said I would know I was there when I saw ‘a large rock on the beach”. It was a cool and beautiful experience, and definitely one of the good ones!

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