Like almost every one else in this tech savvy world I always carry a ‘camera’, and it’s inside a smart phone. Maybe not as many
megapixels, but always having one in my pocket is comforting, when my Nikon is in it’s bed and comes along a shot worth capturing. 

Circa 2011-2014

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Time 2 Dream (Composite Image)

Moonset (Composite Image)

As She Walked By...

Bloody Mary Incognito



Red, Red Wine

Just Add Martini

Two Limes

Peeking Palm

Runaway Rainstorm

The Angel's Bouquet

B&W Bouquet #2

B&W Bouquet #1

White Orchid

Shapes and Measures

Solo (B&W)

Dead Floral Society

Dark Bouquet


Dainty Daisies

Dainty Daisies Too

A Warming Moment

Yellow Daisies

Red Sweep

The Glow Within

Incognito Meow

Four Eyes

Into the Night

Nice Boot

Walking the Walk

Child's Play

Dog Park


It's Spherical

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